21st century healthcare innovation. Powered by data.

The Canadian Personalized Healthcare Innovation Network (CPHIN) brings together the people, partners and stakeholders in Canada’s healthcare systems for data-powered, action-oriented, collaborations and projects.

The Challenge

Shorter wait-times, seamless communication, improved treatments, and better outcomes are what all Canadians want and expect from the nation’s healthcare systems. Every touch point in Canada’s healthcare continuum is generating data that has the potential to make the healthcare future Canadians want a reality.

But getting there can be complicated.

The Opportunity

CPHIN empowers collaboration and co-creation among a diverse group of healthcare stakeholders, including patients, payers, regulators, HTA bodies, healthcare institutions, life sciences companies, and data providers. Our collective goal is to forge a healthcare system founded on trust in data and innovation, ultimately enhancing health outcomes for Canadians. CPHIN is dedicated to uniting these stakeholders in the pursuit of a data-driven learning system, accelerating innovation delivery, and ultimately elevating patient well-being.