Workshops & Projects

CPHIN Reactor

About the Reactor Series

The Reactor was a design-oriented workshop in December 2022 where healthcare system stakeholders worked together to ideate, develop, iterate and refine each others’ programs. Together, we harnessed collaborative energy to develop implementation-ready demonstration programs. 

Reactor Projects

The projects developed through the Reactor include: 

  1. Real-World Readiness Framework for PSP Data: Focuses on developing a real-world readiness framework for PSP data and validate its use cases with stakeholders, including CADTH, to build confidence in PSP data as decision-grade RWD/E
  2. Advancing the Acceptance of Surrogate Endpoints: Demonstrates a framework for the acceptance and utilization of surrogate outcomes in Canada, focusing on MRD for Multiple Myeloma as a use case.
  3. No One Left Behind: Leverages EMR data and AI/ML to identify sub-optimally treated patients and support intervention.

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CPHIN Learning Health System Workshop

About the LHS Workshop

 In March 2022, CPHIN organized the Learning Health System Workshop that convened more than 60 participants from a variety of sectors within the ecosystem, including regulators, academic institutions, health technology, pharmaceuticals, and patient advocacy. The aim was to foster a shared commitment to adopting a Learning Health System. Participants at the workshop identified three commitments that must be established as the basis for collaboration: 

Workshop Outputs

Three major themes were identified following the workshop:

1. Improve data quality assurance practices and shift the culture toward trust in open-data / data stewardship and health literacy
2. Adoption of a ‘just do it’ attitude, building on the success of current initiatives to make progress rather than attempting to pursue perfection
3. Conscious collaboration across government bodies, research institutions, frontline healthcare providers, industry, and patients

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CPHIN REACH Design Sprints


While RCTs remain the gold-standard for regulatory and reimbursement decision making, such trials may not be feasible or ethical for certain diseases/disorders (such as rare diseases) or patient populations. Excessive trial costs or small available patient populations may introduce constraints. Expanding data and evidence sources to include RWD/RWE may address some of these concerns, and offer new opportunities to increase both the extent and rate of drug access for certain patient populations. Pathways and data standards that would allow the collection of decision-grade RWE have not yet been defined and implemented in Canadian Health System. 

A new pathway, called Real World Evidence & Access in Canadian Healthcare (REACH), enables the generation of high-quality RWE to support healthcare decisions for regulatory approval and reimbursement of new therapies, where non-RCT is critical and where there is a high unmet need. The pathway was developed and refined through an ongoing partnership between CPHIN and key Canadian healthcare stakeholders including representatives from Health Canada, CADTH, Colorectal Cancer Canada, BC Cancer and the Institute of Health Economics between 2018-2019.

PSP RWE Framework Webinar

Synthetic Data Webinar