Past Events

Learning from healthcare data: A foundation for health system transformation

Thank you for attending the summit. We hope you were as inspired as we are to continue to build off our success towards broader efforts in Canada that will surely benefit our population.

As we shared, we are focused on four main areas:

1. Quality improvement leading to better patient care, lower healthcare costs, improved population health, and more engaged staff 
2. Development of learning networks leading to creation and rapid adoption of best practices 
3. Digital innovation leading to enhanced local technology ecosystems and job growth 
4. Real-World Evidence generation to support a thriving life sciences ecosystem which in turn will accelerate Canadian’s access to innovative therapeutic and diagnostic technologies 

Although we are underway at TOH, JGH and NSH, we can only achieve our bold vision through collaboration across Canada and want you to join us in this effort.

Please fill out this form or email us at to indicate your interest, sharing your organization and any questions or thoughts you may have about our vision. We will follow up with next steps as we outline a more comprehensive plan, hopefully together with you.