We are dedicated to leveraging data to improve health outcomes for Canadians. From input to impact.

Our Vision for the Canadian Healthcare System

CPHIN is committed to fostering a Learning Health System in Canada, which integrates data and evidence across the healthcare experience to drive innovation and improve health outcomes. While Canada’s data-rich environment has the potential for data-driven healthcare decision-making, healthcare data remains largely untapped and fragmented across provinces and public/private entities. Developing sustainable solutions that can be scaled up and integrated into the country’s disjointed healthcare system has been a major challenge.

To overcome this barrier, all stakeholders must work together to integrate data, knowledge, and experience. CPHIN acts as a convener among all health system stakeholders to enable collaboration and accelerate innovation. By inspiring action and delivering value among traditionally isolated groups, CPHIN drives productive innovation and helps improve the health of Canadians.

Our Work

CPHIN brings together stakeholders to focus on the use and application of real-world data, a crucial step in moving toward a learning health system